New Forex Fury Videos & Strategies

Just more positivity around Forex Fury today!

I’m really happy to announce that the Forex Robot Nation YouTube channel is doing a bunch of new videos lately about Forex Fury and they are providing very helpful insight.

If you aren’t sure how to use the software, or if you are just looking for new ways to take advantage of the power of Fury then make sure to watch these videos.

Forex Fury Videos

There are two videos, if you are new to Forex Fury, you’ll want to start out by watching this first video. It gives a great introduction to the software and shows some live trading accounts run by the creators.

The results shown are incredible, and I’m such a big fan of this channel that has taken really big strides in 2021. Much like the software has.

Forex Fury Strategy Video

The second video I wanted to show you is a video showing a new strategy using a new setting that came in the V4 update. The setting is called Longs & Shorts only, and lets traders become more involved in the trading process.

This video is really helpful for not only understanding robots, but seeing a unique way to win more with the Forex Fury robot.

It speaks on an important message, which is that robots are not signals or managed accounts. Robots are meant to be used as tools. Robots are meant to be learned, adjusted and used in many different ways by the owner of the bot.

Don’t just sit back and think the robot is going to do everything for you.

Play a bigger role in the robot experience and you will be more profitable.

This recent review shows that effort and testing is required to be successful, but it’s obviously worth it in the end if you can net an extra 50-100 pips every week.


Don’t be scared to test Forex Fury and use everything that it has to offer. Open a bunch of different demo accounts and find new ways to be successful. It doesn’t take a lot of work to open more tests. Even just 30 minutes a week can be the difference in finding a set up that suits you best.

To see some of the more recent Forex Fury results, go here.

In terms of updates, V5 is in discussions right now. So a new version of Fury will be available in the coming months with new features and new ways to attack your brokers!

Thanks for reading.


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