Forex Fury V4 Stable (Download Available)

Another great day in what’s been an excellent year for the Forex Fury robot project. Last week the developers made some significant changes to the members area, releasing V4 Stable, and shifting to a new authentication system.

As far as I’m concerned, it is worth everyone’s while to shift over to that new system.

In order to use the new authentication system, you will have to download the updated versions of the software. There are both updated versions of V3 and V4. Though, my recommendation is that you upgrade to V4, as this version is the most recent, and provides the best opportunities to win.

The authentication system is much better than the past version, as you can now see all of your accounts, instead of guessing of having to go through all your MT4/MT5 platforms.

I believe this is just another excellent step in Forex Fury becoming a more professional project. That being said, I still feel like I’m on the ground floor of this thing because there are so many more updates to come, and this is still a rising Forex opportunity.

Forex Fury V4 Stable

So, once you’ve adjusted to the new authentication system, make sure that you download the latest version of Forex Fury to get the most out of the system.

The download is very easy to acquire. Simply login to the members area, and click on the version you want to download. I’ll say it again, I recommend making the upgrade to V4 as it’s the best version available.

This upgrade, and every other future upgrade is always provided free. The $229 one-time fee covers all upgrades, which I obviously love, being a long-term member of this project.

I’ve already covered all of the different features in my last post, so today I’ll go into more detail about the SET files and the available approaches in the new version.

What SET file or Strategy to Use?

This is a question I get often.

I can’t say that one SET file, one time window or even one pair is “BEST.” The reason for this is because Forex Fury can be used in a multitude of ways. For high risk traders, high risk strategies would be considered best, and for low risk traders, the opposite.

Considering this is Forex, a high risk market, most traders will lean to the high risk SET files. These are the SET files with high stop losses, that give the potential of doubling an account over a short period of time, while risking a large portion of the account in order to do so.

Generally, this is how I like to use Forex Fury, but I will frequently treat these accounts like Stocks. So, I will not only have a take profit on a trade, but a take profit on the overall account.

Traders frequently want to run accounts forever, which doesn’t make sense to me.

If running high risk settings I like to double an account, and then pull the money, or switch that account to a low risk SET file while I plan my next move.

I also recommend that if you use high risk SET files that you watch the account closer, and be ready to intervene if the markets start trending, as Fury is built for ranging market conditions.

Can I Trade Forex Fury Low Risk?


While most of the accounts advertised are high risk, there are low risk options available. You can use SET files that rely on the range filter.

This filter significantly decreases the amount of trades, but lowers the risk as well.

So if using this filter, you usually want to trade more pairs.

The Ultra Low Risk SET file in the members area provides traders with a less risky way of using the software. This isn’t normally the way I trade Forex, because it’s Forex, and if I want low risk I would stick to my mutual funds.


So, whether you want to trade high risk, or low risk, Forex Fury does give you that option, and you can be successful in both ways. Just understand the risks you are taking, and don’t invest more than you can lose.

Stick to ranging markets, avoid big news, and collect your easy pips without any analysis.

I’ll be back soon with new on the 4.1 update, and then again when 5.0 is starting to roll out with a news filter.

Take care!


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