How Forex Fury Saved My Forex Trading Account

forex-fury-top-left-logoMy name is Ian Rasmus and I just started trading Forex. I have been hearing a lot about the Forex market. Many of my colleagues are saying that it is one of the best and most dynamic asset classes out there. I am used to investing in mutual funds and UITF. I also have a little trading experience in the stock market. They told me that the huge difference between the Forex market and those aforementioned is you can earn profits whether it is an up or down market. More importantly, they told me that I could earn profits faster compared to stocks and mutual funds. I decided to give it a try since I love investing, and I know that if I get the results that I want, I will stick with Forex.

My colleagues advised me to open a demo account to get a feel of the market. After some research and self study, I thought I was ready to trade on a live account. I was wrong! Forex is so dynamic. It moves way too fast for my skills. My inexperience resulted in constant losses. I blew one account after another. I was on the verge of giving up.

Forex Fury Review

As I was doing my research on the Internet and I came upon an automatic trading system that helped me in my Forex trading. It is called Forex Fury. It is an expert advisor or more commonly known as a robot. I learned that it will automatically do the trading for me. I just needed to install the software and within minutes, the trading started.

Forex Fury Results

With such impressive results I knew I had to try, see what I mean:

I was skeptical at first, I thought it’s too good to be true. I struggled with my own trading, what difference could Forex Fury make? Yet, I was determined to recoup the losses I incurred. I knew that if this robot could deliver its promise, I would be in a good spot to take back my losses and even gain more from using it.

I visited their website and contacted their support team. I would like to know more about this robot. I really wanted to give it a try. Their support team was really helpful. Kudos! They told me that if I am not comfortable using it on live account, I can use the software on demo account to observe its performance.

I ran the software on the demo account of their suggested broker. After three weeks of observation, I saw my demo account earn as much as 20%! That is really cool! I thought this is the answer to my early Forex troubles.

After running on demo account, I immediately purchased the robot. I was confident that it will perform positively. However, I was still a little bit concerned that it may not deliver the same result that it did on my demo account. After a month of observation, my doubt was easily erased. It earned me a profit!

I have been using Forex Fury as my expert advisor for a few months and it has given me positive results. If this trend continues, I could easily recoup my losses.

I will definitely recommend this new Forex robot, especially to those who are new to Forex trading like me.

Welcome to My Forex Fury Review Site

fury-boxHello everyone! I am Ian Rasmus and I’m here today to introduce you to my Forex Fury review site.

Here you will find all my experiences with this Forex robot from start to finish. I generally write once or twice a month, but if I get busy don’t mind me I’m doing my best.

I’ve been interested in automated trading systems since 2010 when I got involved with megadroid and fapturbo. Since, these software don’t interest me as they are outdated and unreliable.

Three months ago my trading group was approached by a developer and was given early access to Forex Fury. I’ve been testing it ever since and my results have been outstanding.

With this blog I hope I can become a better trader and inform my readers of the best ways to earn using automated solutions.