Forex Fury 2022 Review (Winning More Trades)

It’s now 7 years into the Forex Fury project, and it’s still my favorite trading tool.

This software is rock solid, consistently providing me with valid entries, and trade setups I rarely even spot in my own manual trading.

I have scaled the bot over the years, and now run multiple live trading accounts, but how I use the software is relatively the same.

I’ll outline my basic Fury strategy and walk you through it in this review.

Forex Fury Review 2022

I’m not going to dive too much into the basics of the software, as I’ve provide many Forex Fury reviews already.

Instead, I want to focus on making you profitable with the Forex Fury EA in just about all market conditions. To do this, I’m going to walk you through my personal trading strategy.

The foundation of this strategy is this short video:

In order to dominate the markets with Fury, you will have to start by opening up some tests, let’s get into the specifics of it now.

My Forex Fury Strategy

I’m going to make this is as simple as possible for you, so you don’t get too annoyed, especially if you’re a new trader.

The goal obviously is to run Forex Fury on a live account.

Fury trading accounts

Before you tell me that it’s your first week and that you’re ready to run live, you’re NOT.

First, you have to demo test, this is the best way to test the software. I find back tests useless with Fury, so skip right ahead to the demo test portion.

Let me give you the complete guidelines.


These are the guidelines you should follow if you want sustainable success with the Fury robot.

  • Do not start on a live account
  • For every one live account, I run 5 demo accounts (at all times)
  • Once a demo account is proven to be profitable for 30 days I review the data for potential live usage
  • If a live account begins to struggle, I take one of the successful demo accounts and replace the live settings with the successful demo settings

This is my simple approach, and it works.

If you run multiple accounts with different settings and cycle in the winning settings when your current settings start to lose you can sustain your winnings.

Does this take much work? No, not really.

Once an account is setup, it’s very easy to spend 5 minutes a week going through the results and seeing which settings are performing best.


You may think to yourself, why do I have to do any of this? Or, shouldn’t I be able to buy the robot and it just wins all the time?


That is a naïve approach.

Trading is not easy, so spending $200 on an expert advisor isn’t going to magically grow your account 20-30% every month.


If you utilize my testing approach, you can certainly be profitable long term using the Forex Fury robot.

This system is utilized by thousands of traders on a daily basis, and over 10% of them run it on multiple live accounts due to their successes.

Fury is a valuable tool and one that can provide great benefits.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you do give my strategy a fair shot, because I believe it will help you as much as it helped me become profitable with Fury in the long-term.

For more helpful resources on Fury:


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